Spotlight On the Haruta Knife Range

There’s nothing quite like using a brand-new set of Japanese knives and feeling how smoothly and efficiently these cut through different foods. If you’ve been considering our Haruta eight-piece chef knives set then we’ll first congratulate you on your choice.

However, before deciding on whether these Japanese knives form the right knife set for you, we’d like to give you a full introduction. So, let’s shine the spotlight on the Haruta!

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What Is the Haruta Knife Set?

The Haruta Japanese knife set comprises eight incredibly sharp and well-made knives that are ideal for everyday use in the kitchen. The set is made up of some of the most essential blades used by both professional and domestic chefs including the santoku, gyuto, utility, chef knife and much more.

If you are looking for a versatile set of high-carbon steel knives then the Haruta is well worth considering. But even if you don’t want to splash out and buy the whole set, each knife is available to purchase on its own so you can create a set that perfectly suits your needs.

What Are the Benefits of the Haruta Knife Set?

Buying a high-quality kitchen knife set comes with some expectations and these expectations are easily met through the Haruta knives. They are made from the very best AUS-10 composite steel which will stay sharper for longer. What’s more, this material won’t let you down in terms of performance; these are truly the knives that keep on giving.

Being made from Damascus steel, the Haruta knife set doesn’t only perform beyond your wildest dreams but also looks amazing. If you want a unique and extra special-looking set of kitchen knives, these will exceed your expectations.

We also love that Haruta knife set is durable and ready for the challenge. You see, these knives have been nitrogen cooled after forging which means that they have an unrivalled balance of flexibility and hardness.

We know that some people struggle to find kitchen knives that not only perform well but are also a delight to use. Well, you won’t have any problems with the Haruta set since they’re designed for ultimate comfort and grip. It’s ergonomically designed to feel super comfortable as well as give you the grip you need to use your new knives safely. The handle material is highly resistant so not only does it feel great in the hand, it’ll stand the test of time.

But what makes the Haruta knife set stand out so much is its versatility. There’s really a knife for every kitchen task so no matter whether you’re deboning a joint of meat, mincing herbs, slicing fruits or anything else, this will soon become your new best friend in the kitchen!

What's Included in the Haruta Knife Set?

While you can buy separate Haruta knives, there is a full set available. If you choose this, you’ve got a versatile set of knives that will help with almost any kitchen task. Let’s look at the Japanese-style knives that you’ll get.

● The 7.5-inch Nakiri knife features a straight blade that is ideal for working with veggies whether you are slicing, dicing or chopping.

● There’s also a slightly smaller 7-inch Nakiri knife if you need something a little less.

● The 7-inch Santoku knife is one of the most versatile and allows you to slice meats, veggies, cheese and much more.

● The 8-inch gyuto knife is the equivalent of a Western-style knives classic chef's knife and is a great general-purpose utensil. If you’re going to purchase just one, this would be a contender!

● The 8-inch kiritsuke knife is similar in purpose to a gyuto but is traditionally used by elite chefs. It’s a little more difficult to use but certainly, a kitchen tool that an advanced chef would need and is great for slicing fish and meat.

● The 6.5-inch boning knife is a must if you work with meat a lot and will effortlessly remove it from the bone.

● The 5-inch utility knife is perfect for smaller chopping jobs like small vegetables. It shares a lot of similar qualities with the chef’s knife on a smaller scale.

● The 4-inch paring knife is your go-to kitchen companion for delicate or precise jobs like peeling, chopping small food items and developing prawns, among other things.

Haruta Knife Set Care and Maintenance

We all know that taking good care of our Japanese chef knives will ensure that they continue to perform to their very best for much longer. Since these knives are made from steel, there is a risk of corrosion if you do not employ the correct care techniques.

But don’t worry, it’s nothing complicated; it’s all about how you clean your knives. We’d never recommend putting Japanese kitchen knives in the dishwasher as this comes with all kinds of intensities that could damage your carbon steel blades. Instead, we’d suggest hand washing your Haruta knives and ensuring that they are thoroughly dried before returning them to storage.

While the Haruta knives are fantastically sharp with fantastic edge retention, there will come a point when you’ll need to sharpen them. Standard knife sharpeners may do more harm than good so we would always recommend using a whetstone. This may take a little longer and require some trial and error but you’ll get far better and safer results.

Final Thoughts

Super sharp, super durable, super comfortable and super beautiful, the Haruta knife set is truly a sight to behold. If you need versatility and elite performance then this is a set of quality knives well worth investing in. We are also looking to add a serrated knife to this beautiful knife set very soon to extend the versatility of the Haruta range even further.
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