Spotlight On the Aiko Japanese Chef Knife Set

We might be biassed but we’re in love with the Aiko knife set. Whether you want a full and extensive kitchen knife set that’ll allow you to tackle any task or just a few basic knives to get you started in the kitchen, the Aiko has you covered.

These amazingly sharp and well-performing knives will change the way you work in the kitchen forever. But if you’ve been wondering exactly how they’ll benefit you or what to expect when using them, this is the guide for you. Welcome to our spotlight on the Aiko...

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What Is the Aiko Knife Set?

The Aiko knife set isn’t just a single set of Japanese knives; you can choose between our 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 piece sets. Each one includes a variety of high-quality kitchen knives, all partial tang and made with a layered Damascus steel blade and a durable yet comfortable, wood and resin handle. Not only this, but with the striking blue/red/black and tan marbled handle, these are among some of the most stylish kitchen knives available.

The Japanese knives are also presented in a stunning presentation box so they make the perfect gift for anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen. And where performance is concerned, well…it’s on another level!

What Are the Benefits of the Aiko Knife Set?

It’s easy for us to tell you that these are the greatest knives in the world but we aren’t here to make claims that we can’t prove. So, let us put our money where our mouth is and explain how you will benefit from using this fantastic knife collection from Santoku Knives.

For starters, the Aiko knives perform beyond anything you’ll have ever used before. They’re made from VG10 Japanese steel which is not only super hard but keeps their sharp edge for much longer. The metal is sharpened using a traditional method, the Aiko knives will glide through foods making preparation effortless.

The balance between hardness and flexibility in the blade is second to none and this is thanks to the nitrogen cooling process that the blades undergo after forging. If it’s quality and resistance you’re looking for, this is it!

What’s more, the Aiko knives are beautifully easy and comfortable to use. Every aspect of use has been considered in their engineering from ergonomically shaped handles to ensure control and a comfortable grip, to a tapered blade that’s less resistant and therefore makes cutting easier. You’ll also notice that the resin and wood handle is resistant and durable, giving you a longer-lasting knife! They’re also reinforced at the end with a steel wrap.

Sharpening is super easy with a whetstone or honing steel to protect and maintain that cutting edge and keep you slicing and dicing to your heart's content.

What's Included In the Aiko Knife Set?

As we mentioned, there are a selection of Aiko knife sets available but for the purposes of this article, we’re going to look at the complete 9-piece Aiko set. This is great if you work as a professional chef as it offers great versatility but it’s also perfect for home use when you want something that’ll meet all your needs. Here’s what’s included.


● The 9.3-inch chef’s knife is an excellent Japanese knife for multipurpose use. It has a good balance and will whizz through chopping vegetables and slicing meat and will quickly become one of your go-to tools.

● There’s also an 8-inch chef’s knife which is just as versatile but is better for slightly smaller foods when you need something less bulky.

● The 7.6-inch bread knife or serrated knife as it’s sometimes called is not only great for cutting bread and baked goods. It’ll also serve you well for cutting softer fruits and veggies such as tomatoes without the risk of squashing them.

● You’ll also find a 7.5-inch cleaver knife in the Aiko set which can be used for chopping meat. However, it’s also ideal for cutting tougher vegetables such as squashes and root vegetables.

● The 6.7-inch Nakiri knife is an excellent tool for slicing and dicing all types of fruits and vegetables and is the only vegetable knife you will ever need.

● The 6.7-inch Santoku knife is like having three knives in one. It shares a lot of qualities with the chef’s knife in terms of versatility and can be used for everything from cutting nuts, vegetables and fruits to slicing cheese, meats and fish. This good knife is great for making thinner slices as it’s a very precise blade.

● The Aiko set also includes a 5-inch boning knife which is excellent for removing meat from the bone. But did you know that this type of knife can also be used for things like cutting through fish, removing skin in tight places and even cutting fruits and baked goods?

● The 4.3-inch utility knife included in the Aiko set is perfect for cutting vegetables and is a great small all-purpose knife.

● There’s also a 3.2-inch paring knife in the Aiko set which is great for more detailed and precise tasks like cutting smaller foods and peeling.

Aiko Knife Set Care and Maintenance

While the Aiko knives are extremely durable, like anything, they won’t last as long if you don’t take good care of them. The good news is that care and maintenance of this knife set aren’t difficult. It’s mainly ensuring that you don’t put the knives under any unnecessary stress, especially when cleaning them.

It’s a no from us when it comes to the dishwasher debate. Putting your Aiko knives in the dishwasher exposes them to harsh detergents and the risk of knocking into other items in the dishwasher drawer that could prematurely dull them. Instead, we’d recommend hand-washing with gentle soap and drying thoroughly.

Moreover, you’ll need to make sure that the blades remain sharp. Thanks to the steel used in forging these knives and the techniques used to angle the blades, they’ve got great edge retention but when the time comes to sharpen a dull knife, we’d always recommend using a whetstone.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want a few simple chef's knives to get you started in the kitchen or a full set of professional carbon steel blades, the Aiko range has something for you. Comfort and ease of use of these beautiful kitchen tools is coupled with a robust, flexible and super sharp blade that makes working in the kitchen nothing short of a delight.

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