No Time to Cook? No Problem! Introducing Dineindulge

We spend a lot of time discussing the best kitchen knives and how to use them to create professional-style meals at home. While we always advocate home cooking, there are times that it's not always convenient.

If you’re throwing a fancy dinner party, entertaining guests for a special celebration, or simply want to treat yourself to a night off, there are ways you can still put on a delicious spread. And what’s best, you won’t need to lift a finger!

Dineindulge is a private chef hire company that brings delicious dishes to you and your guests, and they’re prepared in the comfort of your kitchen. Imagine being able to invite a professional chef into your home (or any other property) and watch them whip up a storm while you relax with a glass of your favourite wine.

Does it sound too good to be true? Not with Dineindulge. Let us get you better acquainted...

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Who Is Dineindulge and What Do They Offer?

The founders of Dineindulge noticed that a personal chef hire service hasn’t always been something available to the masses. When you think of this type of service, you think of footballers, high-flying businessmen (and women), royals and other rich people. While that may have been the case in the past, Dineindulge is about to change all of that.

Dineindulge aims to bring private chef hire and restaurant-quality cuisine to just about anyone. As long as you’ve got somewhere for your chef to cook and guests to serve, then you can benefit from this service.

What’s great is that there is so much on offer so regardless of the type of event you’re hosting, there’ll be a menu for you so that you can have that restaurant-quality experience in your very own home. Here’s a quick rundown of the options but you can find full details on the Dineindulge website.


Express options include a variety of cuisines such as British, French, Thai, Spanish and Italian. Each option comes with a choice of starters, mains and desserts and is the most affordable option from Dineindulge.

If you want to treat your friends and family to a wonderful evening, impress your guests with a lovely meal, and kick back and relax without breaking the bank, then the Express option allows you to have the ultimate dining experience for less per head than you’d pay in most respectable restaurants.


The Indulge selection offers a variety of choices from French to a hearty Christmas menu. This is a slightly more luxurious option than the Express menu but still isn’t going to put a huge dent in your bank balance.

You get a choice of purchasing two or three courses on any of the Indulge menus and these include dishes such as Duck Magret, Salmon Pesto Cream & Sauteed Gnocchi and Salted Caramel Sticky Toffee Pudding, among others.


Can’t decide on what to try? The Deluxe menu offers up to 9 tasting dishes so you can get a bit of everything that Dineindulge has to offer.

There is even a vegan option so everyone can enjoy these delightful menus but there are also the Signature and Luxe collections. The only problem is choosing which you’ll go for!


Want a dining experience that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before? Then the Beyond package might be just what you have been looking for.

Dineindulge’s Beyond menu aims to push the boundaries of cuisine with dishes like Saffron Tagliatelle Braised Pork and Champagne Panna Cotta. If you’re looking for luxurious food to impress even the most difficult-to-please guests, this package is what you’ve been waiting for!


Are you a sucker for tapas? Dineindulge offers a beautifully varied tapas menu. If you’re hosting a laid-back, get-together where small plates would go down a treat then the Relax menu works perfectly.

As well as tapas, you have the option to purchase breakfast and BBQ dishes. There’s something for every occasion on the Relax option.

But Isn't All This Luxurious Dining Expensive?

No! Dineindulge is all about bringing private home dining to everyone. Enjoying excellent food shouldn't be reserved for the rich and famous.

Recently, I went out for a special occasion; there were three of us and the total cost of the bill for a three-course meal was £201. The most affordable option at Dineindulge is just £29.99 per head and you’re getting a private chef experience without that ludicrous price tag!

Yes, some of the options are a little more expensive but when you consider what you’re getting for your money, it’s obvious why it’s worth it. For example, the most expensive option is the Horizon Beyond option at £119.99 per head. This might seem a lot initially but think about everything that is included; fresh, tasty food cooked right there before your eyes, high-quality ingredients, incredibly professional table service and the chance for you to take the night off. If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary or a special birthday, this is the perfect treat!

How Easy Is It to Book?

Securing a booking with Dineindulge couldn’t be any easier. On the website, you can browse the menus and choose one that suits your taste and the occasion you’re hosting. You can then select your dates and pay a deposit.

You have the option to change your menu up to 14 days before the event so if anything changes, you know you’re not tied down. You have your event portal which allows you and your guests to select options before the big day.

All you have to do then is wait for the day to come around and be present to welcome your chef between an hour or two before the start of the event. Put your feet up, relax and enjoy being looked after!

What About Cleaning Up?

You didn’t think that Dineindulge would prepare and serve your meals so you can chill out just to leave you with a pile of washing up, did you?

Quite the opposite; the chef will clean your kitchen, stack the dishwasher and make sure that everything was left in the way that he or she found it, if not tidier than before!

When the event is over, you can continue to relax and not have to worry about a thing.

Have You Tried Them?

I recently headed to a cottage with some girlfriends for a weekend of relaxing and hot tubs! Dineindulge was the clear choice to add a really special touch to the weekend with a personal chef service on Saturday evening.

Chef Paul arrived at 6:30 pm on the dot and brought everything he needed with him. We had chosen the Indulge Menu Prem 2, and Paul worked away in the background preparing every dish using only a few pans already at the cottage, whilst we enjoyed our drinks on the terrace.

We were invited to the table, and Paul served us our dishes, explaining each one to us and the ingredients contained.

Of the menu choices, we plumped for a starter of Duck Maigret or Spring Onion & Sweetcorn Griddle Cakes; main course of Fillet Steak, Parma Ham Crisp & Garlic Rosti Potato or Cod and Toasted Almond Cream; dessert of Salted Caramel Sticky Toffee Pudding or Milk Chocolate & Raspberry Terrine. Every plate looked exquisite and every dish was met with sounds of approval as we savoured every taste and texture!

Our chef cleared away each dish, loaded our dishwasher, and after he'd left, you would never have been able to tell that he'd even be there - except it was probably tidier than when he'd arrived!

Lovely food with fantastic service. It was an excellent meal and the private chef experience brought a real sense of occasion to our Saturday evening meal - a real treat!

Would You Recommend Dineindulge?

It’s one thing for us to tell you that we think Dineindulge is an excellent option for private events, but our word alone doesn’t hold too much weight, does it? What if we told you that Dineindulge has a five-star Trust Pilot rating and a4.7Google rating?

The proof is in the pudding and with so many happy customers with full tummies and big smiles on their faces, it doesn’t take us to tell you that Dineindulge is the new way to enjoy top-quality food in your own home.

Give them a try, it's an amazing experience and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


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