Gift Ideas For Him

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re anything like us, you’ll already be thinking about what to buy for your loved ones. The problem is that it seems everyone already has everything they need so finding the right gift that he'll love can be difficult.

If you’re looking for gifts for that special man in your life, whether it be a partner, dad, brother or friend, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together this guide on gift ideas for him so you can find something original and fun - a unique gift that he’ll treasure.

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Thoughts On Buying Gifts for Him

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for that special guy, there are a few things you need to consider. Men see gifting quite differently from women so you have to put some careful thought into it. Whereas a woman might love a beautiful piece of jewellery as it shows he cares, a man may be over the moon with a new set of screwdrivers.

Thinking practically is often a great place to start when you’re looking for gift inspiration for men. Consider what the man does for a living, his hobbies and his general needs and this will open up a whole new world of ideas and best gifts.

For example, is he a barber? Maybe a shiny new set of hair scissors will be a cool gift to brighten up his Christmas stocking. Does he enjoy woodworking in his spare time? Then perhaps a chisel set would cheer him up. It pays to think outside the box or before you know it you’ll be turning up with a bottle of aftershave and a pair of socks - again!

We’d also recommend setting a budget because it’s so easy to go overboard once you start seeing a lot of exciting great gift ideas. If you’re buying for someone who you also know is buying a gift for you, it might be worth setting a mutual budget. The last thing you want is to unwrap a Tiffany diamond when you’ve brought him something of much less value.

That said, a gift doesn’t have to be over the top and expensive to be meaningful. Like anyone, men would rather receive a gift from the heart with a lower financial value than something showy just for the sake of it. Spending a lot of money doesn’t necessarily show that you care.

Amazing Gift Ideas for Men

We all want to show the men in our life that we care and what better way than with a thoughtful gift? If you’ve been struggling to find inspiration, look no further; here come some wonderful and interesting gifts for men.

Tool Kit

Do you have a husband who’s forever trying to fix everything? Perhaps you know a man who can’t get enough or DIY or someone who has recently taken up a hands-on hobby. In this case, we’d highly recommend choosing a tool kit that’s got everything he’ll need.

There are some pretty good tool kits on Amazon that include all of the basics like a hammer, wrench, drill bits, screwdrivers and much more. However, you can also buy a more advanced kit for men who work in the trade or require more specialist tools.

While it might seem overly practical, for some who like to work with their hands, tools are a really thoughtful and useful gift.

Experience Day

If you’ve got a man in your life that prefers making memories to collecting items then an experience day is a gift he'll love. There are so many to choose from including skydiving, driving a supercar, tours of his favourite sports stadium and hundreds of others.

For couples, you could even make the experience day part of a longer weekend together. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of taking flying lessons together or perhaps bungee jumping is on your bucket list. Whatever you fancy, the opportunity to share the gift and make lasting memories is priceless.

Weekend Away

Another great idea for couples is to book a romantic weekend away. Find a beautiful spa hotel in a rural setting or maybe a high-end luxury apartment in a city you’ve always wanted to visit. Planning the entire trip as a surprise can be such a wonderful gift on Christmas morning, his birthday or simply just because.

Even if you’re buying for someone other than your spouse, a weekend away can be a luxury gift and a real treat. Perhaps get a weekend away for your brother and his wife or a fishing weekend for dad and one of his friends. The options are endless and you can tailor the break to his liking.

This is also an amazing way to show the man in your life how much you care. Because you’ll be creating the perfect weekend for him, it shows that you pay attention to what he enjoys together with a good night's sleep, and there’s nothing more important than that.

Japanese Knife Set

If you have a guy in your life that’s a dab hand in the kitchen, a beautiful set of Japanese kitchen knives makes the perfect present. Sets come in all different sizes; some contain just three or four of the most essential knives while there are also those that have ten or more blades. The types of food he prepares will depend on which is best.

When choosing a Japanese knife set, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. We have full guides on shopping for knives but let me give you a few handy pointers:

● Stainless steel knives are incredibly resistant and are very unlikely to suffer with problems like rust. However, they’re not quite as sharp and precise as carbon steel. Carbon steel is super hard meaning it’ll retain its edge a lot easier. But you do have to consider that it’s not as durable as stainless steel and may crack or chip.

● Think about the knife handles as this can affect comfort and ease of maintenance. While wood is super comfortable to hold, it does require more care. Knives with plastic or metal handles are very low maintenance but might not feel as good in the hand.

● While we’re all for saving money where you can, high-end Japanese knives don’t come cheap. But they’re an investment worth making. Buy the best quality you can afford and he’ll have a knife set that’ll last a lifetime (as long as he cares for it properly.)

Chopping Board

If you’re going to buy your guy a set of kitchen knives then what better gift to compliment it with than a chopping board?

We’d urge you to only buy wood as this is by far the best material. There were concerns in the past that wood harboured bacteria but this has since been disproved by science and, as long as you keep the board clean, there’s no more risk of contamination than any other type of material.

What’s more, a wooden chopping board just looks so much nicer in the kitchen. Those clunky plastic boards look commercial and don’t fit in with most interiors. Plus, when you use wood, it’ll do far less damage to that beautiful knife set you spent so much money on and the blades will stay sharper for longer!

Tasting Meal at a Fancy Restaurant

For all the foodies out there, visiting a restaurant for a tasting menu can be such a delight. And what I really love is that you’re not limited to the style of the restaurant as pretty much all high-end eateries offer some form of tasting menu.

For example, if you really want to spoil him, you might head to The Savoy Grill at The Savoy Hotel in London, run by Gordon Ramsay no less. Here, there is a tasting menu called A Taste Of The Savoy where you can sample the mouth-watering food on offer. You could also couple this with a weekend in the capital for a memorable treat.

If your guy prefers more exotic cuisine then you might try the highly acclaimed Opheem Luxury Indian Restaurant in Birmingham. They offer a ten-course tasting menu that’s got some real rave reviews. It’s £115 per head and if you prefer, you can cut it down to five courses but considering the quality of the food and the atmosphere, we’d highly recommend going the whole hog!

Bonsai Kit

For all the green-fingered men out there, going out in the garden isn’t always possible with the gloomy UK weather. But that doesn’t mean he can’t grow plants indoors. For something a little different, and perhaps challenging, why not get him a bonsai growing kit?

Bonsais are essentially the same as their larger counterparts but their growth is stunted by keeping them in a small container. Pretty much all trees can be ‘bonsaied’ but it can be very tricky to start from scratch, especially if you’ve never done it before.

However, there are loads of bonsai kits out there that have everything your man will need to get started. Plus, doing it this way means there’s less room for error so if he’s a beginner, he’ll already be on the road to success.

Coffee Maker and Coffee Kit

We know a lot of men who rely on a strong cup of coffee to kick start their morning but instant is just never the same. Why not treat the coffee lover in your life to a barista-style coffee machine with all the bells and whistles?

These cafe-style machines come with a milk steamer, frother, tamper and all the other bits and pieces he’ll need to make a delicious barista-style coffee right in the comfort of his own kitchen.

However, you have to consider that these machines can be quite large. If the man in your life doesn’t have a lot of counter space then you’ll need to consider this. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to get him a coffee machine, you just might have to think a little smaller.

Something like a drip coffee machine or a Nespresso machine are fabulous for small kitchens. And if he’s really pushed for space then the Aeropress is so compact, he could even use it for travel. Yet it still makes a banging cup of joe!

Sports Bag

Do you know a man who lives a seriously active lifestyle? If so then there’s no greater gift than a high-quality sports bag. He’ll likely already have one but I know so many men who never replace it and the bag ends up looking tatty and not being as durable as it once was.

It’s worth considering the type of sport he takes part in and how much equipment he needs. For example, if he’s into tennis, he’s going to need a much larger bag than if he likes hitting the running trails. In this case, a lightweight backpack will do the trick.

Whatever size or type of bag you decide to get, you must make sure that it’s got all of the most important features. Consider the following:

● A variety of pockets for his essential items such as his wallet, keys and phone. Preferably the pockets should have a zip closure for better security.

● If you’re buying a backpack for runners and hikers, a hydration pack is a must, especially for longer, more strenuous adventures.

● Look for bags that are made from waterproof material or that at least come with a waterproof cover. Spending time in the great outdoors can be very unpredictable in terms of weather.

● Check the stitching and material quality; you don’t want to buy him a bag that’s going to fall apart after a couple of uses!

● Brand should be considered but don’t always take this as the most important thing. A lot of people recognise certain sports brands but some of the bags are made more for fashion than practicality. The only real way to know how well a bag will perform is to read reviews which I’d strongly urge you to do when buying online.

Cocktail Making Kit

Is your male recipient a bit of a drinks lover? If he is then a cocktail-making kit is a brilliant gift. There are plenty out there, some simpler and easier to use than others so you’ll find something for every taste. There are even non-alcoholic ones for those that like a liquid treat that’s a little healthier!

I love this idea for couples as it’s a really nice activity to do together. However, it’s also perfect if you’re attending a birthday celebration at the guy’s house because he’ll be able to put the kit to immediate use and impress his friends and family with his creations.

Smart Watch

Buying jewellery for men can be fraught with issues. Men tend to wear less jewellery than women and they can be very selective about which pieces they wear. But buying a smartwatch is kind of outside the box because it’s more about the tech than it is the jewellery.

That said, most smartwatches have the option to change the strap which is a great way to allow him to choose his own style; you’ll never have to face getting it wrong. Of course, if you really want to go all out, you could buy a gift voucher for the strap so he doesn’t have to splurge on it himself.

Apple Watches are among some of the most popular but they’re incredibly pricey. However, if he uses an iPhone or iPad, it’ll pair seamlessly with his devices so it’s worth considering. But if you are looking to spend a little less then don’t worry, there are lots of affordable smartwatches out there that offer many of the same functions as the higher-end ones.


Now this one is largely for the couples out there. If you can’t think of anything to buy for him that he will enjoy then you can make things a little more personal.

You’ll find couples IOU books all over the internet which contain vouchers for various activities. It might be something simple like making him a meal or doing his share of the chores around the house. Or, if you want to spice things up in the bedroom, there are IOU vouchers for that too!

We like the IOU books that allow you to write down your own activities as it allows you to personalise them to your relationship. We’re sure that any man would be thrilled to have his wife or girlfriend offer him her loyal service for the duration of his special day.

Final Thoughts

Buying a gift for a man isn’t always easy. Most men already have everything they need and it’s hard to choose something that’ll really wow them. But we’d encourage you to think outside of the norm and find gifts that will leave him amazed.

From experiences like race days, helicopter rides and sports adventures to dinners out, fancy hotels, a round of golf on a celebrated course as the best golf gift, and exploring new places, you will always be able to please a man who likes to make memories.

Practical gifts are also always well received. Things like tools, smart watches and kitchen knives will help him out in his day-to-day life and show him how much you care.
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