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Does the special lady in your life have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Perhaps you want to start Christmas shopping but have no clue what to buy for her. We know the feeling! Choosing the perfect gift that’ll make someone smile can be so tricky.

It all comes down to her personality and what things she enjoys but then, we can end up being too predictable in our gift buying and come back to the usual vouchers, socks, fitbit or apple watch.

So, we thought it would be useful to make a list of the best gifts for women that will wow and astound her for the upcoming holiday season. From simple things to more elaborate gestures and unique gift ideas, there’ll be something for every wife, girlfriend, sister, mother or aunt.

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Spa Day

We don’t know many women, or people in general, for that matter, that would turn their nose up at a day of relaxation and pampering.

A spa day is a great gift and a great way to kick back and unwind and there are so many different things that she can enjoy while she’s there, which she'll love. From an uplifting facial to a relaxing massage, time in the sauna or a swim in the heated pool; it’s nothing but sheer peace and tranquillity.

You might also include a meal in the spa or hotel restaurant to complete the day and maybe even an overnight stay as a perfect birthday gift.

For hard-working women that deserve a bit of downtime, a spa day is one of the best gift ideas. What’s more, it’s often possible to buy vouchers so she can book the spa day at a time that suits her.

Advent Calendars

Now, bear with us. I’m not talking about the chocolate advent calendars that you give to kids. If you’re looking for an early Christmas gift then there are a plethora of beauty, fragrance, skincare products and luxury advent calendars out there that girls are going gaga for and make a great gift idea.

Have you seen the Dior advent calendar? Yes, it’s a bit pricey but for ladies who like their luxury, there’s no better treat. Alternatively, there are some that suit a more modest budget, because let’s face it, we’re all having to be frugal right now.

Revolution Beauty does a wonderful one that features a different makeup treat every day. Or perhaps she’s a coffee lover and would appreciate a Coffees of the World advent calendar to get her started every morning in the lead-up to the big day.

There’s literally a calendar for every taste - for beer experts, gin connoisseurs, a beauty lover or even someone with a green thumb - a luxury advent calendar makes a fantastic gift as she probably won’t be expecting something so far in advance of Christmas!

Photo Album

For a lot of women, having keepsakes such as photo albums is really important. Whether it’s a collection of snaps of the grandkids or an album of romantic shots of her and her partner, this is a sentimental gift that she’ll treasure forever.

You can create your very own photo albums with pictures, messages and even a personalised cover. Or, if you want something a little different, there are photo cubes, keyrings, pillow cases and pretty much any else you can think of to print memories on to add to your home decor.

For those tech-loving ladies, why not create a digital photo album that she can display on her phone screen, laptop or even her home assistant?

Japanese Knife Set

We know a lot of ladies who love spending time in the kitchen. Without the proper equipment, whipping up a storm is never easy. So why not treat her to a set of high-end Japanese kitchen knives that will transform the way she cooks and her overall experience in the kitchen?

Japanese knives are known for their sharpness, performance and longevity so they’re a gift that will serve her for years. You can buy them individually or in sets so you can choose something that she’ll get the most use out of. For example, if she’s a vegetarian, a nakiri knife and an usuba knife presented in a beautiful gift box might be just what she’s always wanted.

I would be mindful when choosing Japanese kitchen knives as there are a lot of cheap blades out there marketed as Japanese knives but they don’t perform in the way you’d expect. Always buy the best quality you can afford. You’ll also want to consider some of the following points:

● Japanese knives are often made from carbon steel. This is a very hard material which means that the knives retain an incredibly sharp edge. However, it can also be brittle so there’s a good chance that the blade may chip if it is misused. On the other hand, you can get stainless steel knives which are far more resistant and won’t rust but they won’t stay as sharp for as long.

● Make sure that you choose a knife that’s well-balanced. This will improve control over the blade but will also make it more comfortable to use.

● Knife handles are typically made from either wood, plastic or steel. Wood looks amazing but can be harder to maintain whereas plastic is easy to take care of but doesn’t have the same aesthetic value. Stainless steel handles are great looking and easy to take care of so have the best of both worlds, however, they aren’t the most comfortable to hold.

A single knife or set of Japanese chef knives can make a great housewarming gift and are a real game changer for any cook


Can you ever go wrong when buying perfume for a lady in your life? We don’t think you can! Unless she doesn’t wear perfume; and we don’t know of many people that don’t, then this is one of those great gifts that’s practical and thoughtful.

It helps if you can pay attention to the types of fragrances that she usually wears. This will allow you to buy a scent that you know she loves. However, if you want to be really smart, you could figure out her favourites and then buy something similar.

Perhaps she loves Good Girl by Carolina Hererra. In that case, you might treat her to the flanker, Very Good Girl, which she’ll undoubtedly love but is slightly different to what she normally wears. Alternatively, you could buy a perfume that’s in the same fragrance family. Maybe she loves florals and usually wears Gucci Bloom. Treating her to a bottle of Daisy by Marc Jacobs opens up her fragrance repertoire but will be a safe bet!

Weekend Away

If you’re buying a gift for your better half then a luxury weekend away can really show her how much you care. Now, where you go will really depend on the lady in question. For those lovers of all things luxe, you might treat her to a stay in a fancy hotel, like Claridges (be aware of the seriously high room rates). But for ladies who like the simpler things in life, a couple of nights in a rustic shepherd's hut may be just what the doctor ordered.

The great thing about choosing a weekend away for that special someone is that this is a gift you can really tailor to her liking. Not only does the destination say a lot about the fact that you’ve paid attention to what she likes but you can also choose activities that she’ll adore.

Maybe she loves animals, then a horse riding experience might be a nice touch. If she’s a foodie, a tour of a local cheese maker may hit the spot. The only limit is your imagination.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is something that you can buy for a lady and share in the joy. Whether it’s a gift for your wife, your mother, your sister or a female friend, this is an adventure that you can both indulge in. Because we think a gift is so much more fun when it’s shared with someone you care about.

There are wine-tasting opportunities all over the country; all over the world, if you’re willing to travel. Although, we were enamoured with the Wine Tasting Masterclass from Virgin which not only allows you to sample a wide range of delicious vinos but also entitles you to a three-course supper! What’s not to love?

Make-Up Lessons

We had a friend who received a voucher for some make-up lessons recently and we have never seen someone quite as happy with a gift, except for a beautiful knife from Santoku Knives of course! It’s not that she was unable to apply her own makeup, in fact, she always looked great. But she wanted some new ideas and with the ever-changing techniques used in the makeup industry, this is a great way to stay on trend.

For any lady with a passion for beauty, giving a gift set of makeup lessons will be sure to light up her special day. It’s much better than a makeover which can feel a little overwhelming, and a lesson involves the recipient in the process so she can take her new skills with her.

Designer Handbag

If you really want to splash out and treat that special girl in your life, then there aren’t many women we know that would sniff at a designer handbag. You can pay thousands for these bags but for a special occasion, maybe a milestone birthday or that impressive promotion, they can be a very thoughtful gift.

What’s great is that these are high-quality, handmade products that are designed to last a lifetime. It might not be something she uses just to pop down to the local supermarket, but when it’s time to dazzle, she’ll feel confident that she’s got just the right accessory!

Subscription Box

What we love about giving a subscription box as a gift is that your recipient will continue to enjoy their present for months to come.

Just like the advent calendars we talked about earlier, subscription boxes come in all styles and price ranges. From food and drink subscriptions to health and beauty, perfume, even niche boxes such as Japanese snacks. There truly is something for everyone.

You can purchase an upfront subscription for 12 months so she’ll receive a box every four weeks with something new and exciting. It really is a little pick me up. Alternatively, if you’re looking to spend a little less, a lot of subscription boxes offer a three-month sign-up. If she loves what she’s getting then she might renew the subscription and she’ll forever thank you for introducing her!

Tickets to a Show

Is there a comedian she’s been dying to see? Is her favourite singer in town for one night only? Maybe there’s a West End spectacular that she keeps saying she wants to watch. Buying tickets to a show allows her to indulge in her interests and she’ll get to share the night with you.

We’d recommend this for couples or friends who want to spend time together doing something special. Even better if there’s a show that you both want to see. As an anniversary gift, this works really well and even if the show isn’t to your liking, she’ll be forever grateful that you were kind enough to take her along anyway.

Weighted Blanket

With the cold winter evenings setting in, there’s nothing like heading home and snuggling up by the fire. A weighted blanket is like having a hug even when there’s nobody around. One of our team has been using one for about 12 months and it’s so comforting.

There’s also been some promising research to show that the use of a weighted blanket could reduce anxiety. If the lady in question struggles with this then a weighted blanket may not just be a gift, it could be a way to improve her mental health. This, along with other forms of self-care, such as bath bombs, books and perhaps a foot massager make a brilliant relaxing gift.

Final Thoughts

Nobody wants to get it wrong when it comes to buying a gift for that special someone. Choosing the right gift for your partner, mother, sister, daughter or any other woman is really important if you want to show you care.

This list of amazing gift ideas for her includes something for everyone. Whether you want an experience you can enjoy together, something to brighten a dull morning or a gift that she’ll cherish forever, this is all the inspiration you’ll ever need.
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