Foods That Start With the Letter 'T'

Whether you’re playing a word game, teaching your children the alphabet, or are simply curious to find all the foods beginning with the letter 'T', you’re in the right place.

We’ve put together this list of some common and weird and wonderful foods and sweet and savory dishes that begin with 'T'. Look no further for your daily dose of inspiration. Who knows, you may figure out exactly what’s for dinner tonight!

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Tarts are made using a shallow pastry case which is then filled. Normally, the pastry would be filled with something like custard or fruit but unlike a pie, the top is not covered over.

Typically, you would use shortcrust pastry and it’s possible to make both sweet and savoury tarts so it’s a very versatile dish.


Tortillas are a type of flatbread. They’re circular and very thin. Traditionally, the tortilla was made using maize hominy but today, they’re commonly made with wheat flour.

In Mexican cuisine, the tortilla plays an important role and you’ll see them used in various dishes. Many would agree that they are a staple part of the Mexican diet and are used in everything from fajitas to burritos and all the meals in between.


Tabasco can be one of two things: a pepper and a hot sauce.

In pepper form, the tabasco is a long, thin pepper that is incredibly hot. However, there are also small tabasco peppers but they still have the same kick.

There is also a well-known sauce brand called Tabasco. Tabasco sauce is made from peppers and used in various dishes to add a little heat.


Many people think that teriyaki is a food when in reality, it’s a cooking technique that comes from Japan.

The cooking method involves grilling or broiling foods in a teriyaki glaze. This is made from mirin, soy sauce and sugar. When cooked, there is a definite shine to the food and that’s where it gets the first part of its name. Yaki means to grill and that’s where the dish earned the second part of its name.


Tagliatelle is a type of pasta often used in Italian cuisine. The pasta is ribbon-shaped and long and thin. However, it’s not to be confused with spaghetti which is also long but much thinner.

This type of pasta used to be cooked for beef and pork dishes but in modern cooking, it’s used in almost any pasta dish you could think of.


Tabbouleh is a type of salad dish that actually comes from the mountainous regions in Syria and Lebanon.

The salad is made from onions, tomatoes, olive oil, mint, bulgar wheat and lemon juice. Tabbouleh is usually served with cos lettuce and is a popular accompaniment to meat dishes, especially on the BBQ.


Tapenade is made using anchovies, olives and capers and blending them with things like basil, parsley, garlic and mustard. Usually, tapenade would be spread on bread but it’s also a popular choice on bruschetta or on a canape. Some people will even include it in a pasta recipe so it’s pretty versatile.


This thick spread has a paste-like consistency that is achieved by grinding up sesame seeds that has a delicate nutty taste. This ground sesame seeds paste is incredibly popular in Middle Eastern cuisine as well as in parts of the Mediterranean. The great thing about it is that it’s really good for you; tahini contains high levels of nutrients but not many calories.


Tapioca comes from the cassava plant root and is a type of gluten-free starch. It’s usually used to add thickness to a dish and is most famously used in tapioca pudding.

But in modern cuisine, tapioca is used in bubble tea because of its texture and the little pearls will burst in the mouth which is quite the sensation.


If you love to use herbs in your cooking then you’ve probably heard of thyme. This is a herb that is highly aromatic, has a distinct flavor and is incredibly popular for seasoning meat dishes but it also adds a beautiful flavour to veggies dishes.

Thyme leaves are thin and sit on a woody stem and they’re not only used in the kitchen. In fact, thyme has long been hailed for its healing properties including relief from breathing problems and coughs.


For those with a sweet tooth, taffy is a real treat. It’s a type of chewy candy that gets its texture from being aerated. Taffy is incredibly sweet and is made from boiled sugar, butter or oil and various flavourings and colourings. In the United States, it’s a popular vacation treat, especially in coastal locations where they make saltwater taffy.


Heading back over to Mexico and we find tacos. These hard shells made from corn are used to house various fillings such as fish, meat, vegetables and anything you can put inside including guacamole, salsa and sour cream.

These ingredients are usually loaded with various sauces and tacos have become something of an icon within Mexican cuisine. You may be familiar with the American chain, Taco Bell and there are tons of other taco restaurants around the world.


Tallegio is a type of Italian cheese that has a partially soft texture. One of the most notable things about taleggio is its flavour. It’s beautifully strong and has a slight tang of fruitiness to it. In Italy, it is added to a variety of dishes as the chef sees fit.


Another herb that begins with the letter 'T' is tarragon (we’ll let you in on a secret; it’s our favourite herb!) Tarragon has quite a strong flavour that’s not all that dissimilar to aniseed although it’s a little softer.

We love adding tarragon to chicken dishes and it goes beautifully in a creamy sauce for pasta. However, it also works very well with fish dishes and you can purchase it dried for convenience or you can get it fresh for a more intense flavour.


Tempura is another Japanese dish that can include a whole range of foods. Tempura refers to the batter that is made but this can be used on everything from meat and fish to vegetables. The batter is applied and then the food is deep fried so it’s a real treat! One of the most popular examples of this is tempura prawns.


If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet then you’ve likely tried tofu as this is a popular plant-based protein substitute. In fact, tofu is bursting with protein as well as being gluten-free and totally natural. What’s more, it’s packed with calcium and iron.

Sometimes, people will refer to tofu as bean curd but they’re both the same thing. Tofu is made by taking soy milk and coagulating it before shaping the curds into little white blocks.


One of the great things about triticale is that it combines the potential yield seen in wheat with the tolerance to the disease of rye. This hybrid food is often used in cereals as well as things like crackers and bread. You’ll sometimes see it in berry form whereas other times it is turned into flour.


The tamarind tree grows in tropical climates and produces seed pods that contain a very unique fruit with both sweet and sour flavours.

You’ll find tamarind in a whole host of dishes from various countries. One of the most notable things about it is that it may have healing properties. What’s more, it’s bursting with various amino acids, vitamins and minerals so it’s really good for you.


Tamarillo fruits are very similar in appearance to tomato. In fact, they are so alike that many people refer to them as tree tomatoes! Tamarillos come in a whole host of colours and they’re sweet with a bit of a tang as well as being incredibly juicy.


If you’re a fan of sweet potato then you’ll probably love taro as when it is cooked, it tastes very similar and even has the same texture. These starchy root veggies are native to Asia but they’re now exported all over the planet and enjoyed in various cuisines.

The wonderful thing about taro is how good it is for you. It’s got seriously high fibre levels as well as plenty of minerals and vitamins.


The tangerine is a type of citrus fruit that is in the same family as the orange. Closely related to the mandarine, tangerines take their name because they were first discovered in a city called Tangier.

They’re great as a sweet snack and if you find oranges a little too tart then they make a wonderful substitute.


Turmeric is a type of spice and when ground, comes in powder form that has a rich, deep yellow colour. It is used both in cooking and in drink making, especially tea and coffee.

In India, people swear by turmeric for a whole host of things as it has many medicinal properties. It’s thought that it can help relieve pain as well as aid digestion and reduce inflammation.


From Italy, tiramisu is a type of non-bake dessert with a rich coffee flavour. Espresso is usually the coffee of choice in a traditional Italian tiramisu.

The dessert consists of various layers of ladyfingers which are soaked in the coffee. In between these layers, there are lashings of whipped cream to really add sweetness to the bitterness of the coffee.


Probably one of the most well-known foods that starts with 'T' is turkey. This is a poultry bird that is often consumed at Christmas. In the United States, they also have turkey on Thanksgiving.

Turkey can be quite dry so it’s important to cook it slowly in plenty of juices and serve with sauce or gravy.

These large birds are an excellent source of protein and have high levels of vitamin B.


Another common food that starts with the letter T is the tomato. They grow on small plants whose scientific name is the solanum iycopersicum.

These fruits are so incredibly versatile and can be eaten on their own or in a massive number of dishes. They’re also very popular for making sauces, especially in Indian and Italian cuisine.

Tomatoes are bursting with goodness and contain high levels of vitamin C as well as vitamin K and potassium.

Tom Yum

Our first dish from Thailand that starts with T is Tom Yum which is a type of soup. It’s got a sour and hot flavour and is typically made with shrimp.

The soup gets its name from how it is cooked. Tom means to boil while Yum means spicy and sour which is the taste you’ll get when you eat this dish.


Tempeh comes from Indonesia and is a type of plant-based protein that’s brilliant if you want something versatile. What’s more, tempeh has a lot of healthy properties and contains high levels of prebiotics as well as several minerals and vitamins.

The taste of tempeh is quite nutty but not overpoweringly so. It has a dry texture and is quite firm yet chewy as well.


The turnip is a type of root vegetable that has a very mild spiciness to its taste. They’re not quite as spicy as radish and many people say that they’re somewhere between this and a potato.

While turnips are grown year-round, the best ones are grown in the autumn when the vegetable is in season. At this time of year, turnips take on a slightly sweeter taste.


The trout is a type of freshwater fish that swims in rivers and streams. As a food source, they’re ideal if you want something high in protein and they also contain vitamin B12 as well as lots of healthy omega three fatty acids.

These fish are best served with parsley, lemon or garlic but they will work well in a lot of different dishes.


Another type of fish that begins with the letter 'T' is tuna. This is a saltwater species and one of the most well-loved food fish in the world! Did you know that tuna are actually in the same family as mackerel?

Being high in protein and beneficial fats, tuna is incredibly healthy. It can be eaten as a steak but is often ground down to flakes and sold in a can. You can use it on sandwiches and in salads as well as in pasta dishes or just on its own.

One thing you’ll notice about tuna is that it has a very strong taste that is markedly different from other types of fish.


Sometimes called tamari shoyu, this is a type of sauce and is the Japanese take on soy sauce. It’s made with fermented soybeans and has the benefit of being gluten-free. When you compare tamari to other soy sauces, you will notice that it is nowhere near as salty. Moreover, it has a much darker colour and the flavour pairs well with many dishes.


Tetrazzini comes from America and is a dish that can be made with either seafood or poultry. Mushrooms are added and everything is combined in a cheesy cream sauce with lots of butter.

The sauce can be served in many ways but is very common with things like noodles and pasta. Once you pour the sauce over your food, you’ll top it off with parsley, breadcrumbs, fried onions and cheese; delicious!
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