Classic Fried Oreos with Powdered Sugar


Tips for cooking this dish

  1. Use a deep-frying thermometer: Ensure the oil reaches 375°F (190°C) to achieve a perfectly crispy exterior without being greasy.
  2. Do not overcrowd the pot: Fry a few Oreos at a time to maintain the oil temperature and ensure even cooking.
  3. Batter consistency: Make sure the pancake batter is smooth and slightly thick to coat the Oreos well.
  4. Cool slightly before dusting: Allow the fried Oreos to cool for a minute before dusting with powdered sugar to prevent the sugar from melting.
  5. Experiment with flavors: Try different Oreo flavors like double-stuff, mint, or peanut butter for a fun twist.
  6. Serve immediately: Fried Oreos are best enjoyed warm and fresh for the ultimate gooey center.
  7. Safety first: Use caution when frying and keep a close eye on the oil temperature to avoid overheating.
  8. Use a slotted spoon: A slotted spoon helps remove excess oil when transferring the fried Oreos to a paper towel-lined plate.

Serve it with suggestions

Fried Oreos can be a delightful stand-alone treat or part of a decadent dessert spread. Here are some serving suggestions:

  • Vanilla Ice Cream: Serve warm Fried Oreos with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a heavenly combination.
  • Chocolate Sauce: Drizzle with chocolate or caramel sauce for extra indulgence.
  • Whipped Cream: A dollop of whipped cream adds a light, creamy contrast.
  • Fresh Berries: Add a handful of fresh strawberries or raspberries for a burst of freshness.
  • Milkshake: Pair with a classic vanilla or chocolate milkshake for a fun, diner-style treat.
  • Hot Fudge Sundae: Top a hot fudge sundae with a couple of Fried Oreos for a deluxe dessert.


Q: Can I make Fried Oreos without a deep fryer?
A: Yes, you can use a large pot with enough oil to cover the Oreos. Just make sure to monitor the oil temperature with a thermometer.

Q: What type of oil is best for frying?
A: Vegetable oil, canola oil, or peanut oil are all good options for frying due to their high smoke points.

Q: Can I use a different type of pancake mix?
A: Yes, any pancake mix should work. Just follow the package instructions for the batter.

Q: How can I keep the fried Oreos warm?
A: Place them on a baking sheet in a warm oven (about 200°F or 90°C) until ready to serve.

Q: Can I prepare the batter in advance?
A: It's best to prepare the batter just before frying for the best texture, but you can mix the dry ingredients ahead of time.

Q: How long do Fried Oreos stay fresh?
A: Fried Oreos are best enjoyed immediately, but they can be stored in an airtight container for up to 2 days. Reheat in the oven for a few minutes before serving.

Q: Can I make a gluten-free version?
A: Yes, use a gluten-free pancake mix and gluten-free cookies to make a gluten-free version.

Q: What other cookies can I use?
A: Try other sandwich cookies or even homemade cookies for a different twist.

Q: How do I avoid soggy Fried Oreos?
A: Ensure the oil is hot enough and do not overcrowd the pot when frying. This helps maintain a crispy exterior.

Q: Can I air fry Oreos?
A: Yes, you can air fry Oreos by preheating the air fryer to 375°F (190°C) and cooking for about 4-5 minutes or until golden brown.
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